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                                         Passau - beautiful as ever!


C.L. Anderson's "Cycle Touring the Danube River in Austria" (great photos!!)

Alexey Muzalyov's June 2001 trip Vienna-Passau-Vienna trip

Norman Ford's "Through the Alps of France, Switzerland and Austria, 2001".
(Norman also has more wonderful world tours HERE)

Another account -by bike Passau to Vienna -author unknown.

Bob Parry's Aug 1999 Bike Tour of the Danube

Ivan and Laura's Tauernradweg trip from Krimml to Passau

"Cycling the Wachau: a trip along the Austrian Danube" by Graham Simmons

Linda Bernheim's "Trip to Germany and Austria"

Alastair Humphreys' 2001 trip (part of a planned 70,000ml. trip)

"Germany - a sampler for cycle tourists" by John and Margaret McKillop (photos of Donau and Inn)

Cycling Holiday...From Passau To Vienna by Truus Stotteler (photos only - he said he did it in 7 days with 3 girlfriends!!!)

How to bicycle the Danube River Valley, Austria by Q. May

The Delights Of The Danube-Cycling Down The Danube from Passau To Vienna.
(27th April to 7th May 2002) by Irene and Burley

Diary: Danube Cycle Path (June 1999) Rebecca's Guide to the Donau Radweg (Danube Cycle Path)

Austria National Tourist Office

Cycling in Austria - Austria National Tourist Office (cached version)

Some cycle paths in Austria - from Austrian National Tourist Office

The Danube Cycle Path - from Austrian National Tourist Office (click on "Danube Cycle Path" for a map and details)

Trento Bike Pages - Austria section (great pages!!)

Youth Hostels - Austria

Austria -links and news

Pedal Power- Vienna (we found them quite helpful)

Lonely Planet - Austria section (good general info about Austria)

Austrian Beers (to whet the cycling appetite)

Tauern Cycle Path Circuit

Things we learnt from the trip:-

Andrea - "Austria is simply a great country to do bicycle touring!"

Mike - "We went in April 2001-it was a little cool (like the occasional snow!!!) and some of the accommodation, events and bicycle ferries were not open till May 1. However we had absolutely NO problem finding accommodation at that time but in mid-summer you might want to book ahead or take a tent."

Andrea - "If you are taking your own bikes you might want to warn your hotel and if you are having stop-overs with organized transport you might also want to warn the company organizing your transfers that you are carrying  big bike boxes or be prepared to pay sometimes too much for storage at the airport."

Mike - "The Bikeline guides overall are great!"

Andrea - "Make sure you are familiar with putting your bikes back together at the other end. We realized at the end of our trip that the handlebars on one of our bikes were really up a little high and probably were unsafe - luckily no mishaps!"

Mike - "If you are doing independent travel in Austria it helps a lot to have some knowledge of the German language though many people speak some English."

Andrea - "Have a trial run on you bike  - preferably with panniers fully loaded - before you leave."

Mike - "We found that riding against the wind from Vienna to Passau was not too difficult at all. There is only a gradual slope down to Vienna and the people at Pedal Power said the winds can vary a lot anyway."

Andrea - "A word of warning if you are going in cold weather - lycra nicks attract the cold even with tights or legwarmers underneath!"

Mike - "If you are coming in cold weather bring your own gloves. Coming from Australia I thought I would get them easily in Austria. This was not the come prepared."

Andrea - "We had some trouble finding internet shops in Austria. Check your guidebooks to see what towns you can expect to find them if you are heavily reliant on the internet."

Mike - "Make sure you can do at least minor repairs on your bike. There are bike repair places but they are rarely available when you need them.

So keep on cycling......................

Andrea and Mike