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                    Please click on the photos to see the full image........

                               Scenes of Vienna                                                                        Vienna - start of the cycle path

        Vienna cyclist!                                          View from the historic Vienna ferris wheel              Cafe Sperl - Hitler's haunt in Vienna

            It was Easter in Vienna when we arrived.........eggs, eggs and more eggs.........................even engraved eggs

Every man and his dog loved the mulled wine.          View of bikepath from Tulln hotel room            Tulln - Danube ferry

                Bikepath at Krems                                                        Outside Melk                                                Mauthausen dentist

                                                         Memorial plaques - Mauthausen

                                        More images from Mauthausen                                                                               Crossing the Danube to Aschach

View from hotel - Schlogen                                                        All aboard the cycle ferry                          Shop of minatures - Passau, Bavaria

                Closeup of minatures                                   Aboard the Danube ferry - Passau                   Passau from the castle

            Obernberg                                           Rain gear near Braunau                        View from B & B, Salzburg

            Egg shop..Salzburg                                Cemetry at St Gilgen                                Cafe Zauner at Bad Ischl

                                                   Bikes outside Salzburg railway station