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  Down the Danube without a Paddle
                           (or up the Danube with a Pannier!)

         Hi all. This is the true story of our journey down the Danube by bike. The Danube rises in Bavaria in mountain country. It flows some 2000 km to the Black Sea and passes through 8 countries. The Danube has often been known in history as the "Blue" Danube but the truth is it has never been blue but various shades of brown.

Why ride the Danube bike paths? Well it's very hot in Australia at the moment so that's a good start. And the area around the Danube is sooo beautiful with lots of flat paved bikepaths, friendly commuters, great pubs, lots of bratwurst and enchanting views. So sit back, relax and take our journey with us.........this way to the piccies-}....

Andy & Mike