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Advanced Translation


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 Professional and Affordable Japanese Translation

Hi My name is Tony and I am a translator. Do you think that Japanese translation is a simple matter of looking up a dictionary?
Crikey it's far harder than that!

The Japanese market is bigger than Ben Hur! Target this diversified market by culturally adapting your documents to the Japanese culture. Our dedicated team of Japanese translators will slave over your documents to ensure they will be adequately translated to fit the specific Japanese context. 

Have I told you about our costs? We cut overheads and therefore cut costs. We have clients who tell us we are the most competitive Japanese translators in the world. 

About the Japanese Translator Team

We are a Brisbane  based native Japanese translation service team that provides quality foreign language translation. Our team of qualified Japanese translators not only masters the Japanese language perfectly, it also utilizes its cultural expertise to put the Japanese translations into the specific cultural context. We specialize in Japanese translations of technical documents. We work mainly for the manufacturing and engineering industries.

We, of course, offer general business and personal Japanese translation services as well. And we do it at a cost that usually undercuts our opposition by 40%.

Advanced Translation is a division of A.Davies Inc., a Brisbane based translation company building on our decades of professional translation.



 Translation Experience |  Fee Scale |   References   |   My family down under
















What the customers say....



"Tony is the best and cheapest translator in the world but he only paid me a lousy $20 to say this."

A satisfied customer








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